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Generate 10K NFTs, Upload to IPFS, Deploy Smart Contract and Mint NFTs | Best NFT Art Generator

How to Make an NFT collection with

Please read the following steps to make an NFT collection or watch THIS TUTORIAL VIDEO to learn how to make an NFT collection.
You can use demo project for test : USE DEMO?


Create NFT Traits

You can use photoshop or any design tool to create your own NFT traits or layers, Just make sure to respect the position of each object in the PNG image to avoid any issues during the generation of your NFTs collection.
Please follow the demo PSD instructions
You can download a demo PSD.


Generate NFTs

With generate your own 10K NFTs collection in a few minutes without any code skills, our NFT art generator is the best way to create randomized, unique, and attractive NFTs quickly and easily with metadata JSON files for each NFT of your collection.
You can backup your Project files, metadata, and rarity numbers, to restore them when you need that.
The backup and restore options are integrated as a zip file so you can download your backed-up data and restore it by uploading the zip file. you’ll find below the demo zip. follow the same structure for your collection. Download the demo zip


Rarity feature

Rarity feature allows to make your NFTs rare and valuable.
NFT rarity decides how rare an NFT is and in turn, how valuable it is.
Rare NFTs are most highly sought after by collectors, which pushes their prices up. This is why people want to know how rare an NFT in their collection is or whether the one they are planning to buy is a rare piece


Upload to IPFS

IPFS or InterPlanetary File System is simply a distributed system for storing and accessing files, websites, applications, and data.
IPFS is a peer-to-peer and distributed file system that can literally replace HTTP and decentralize the Internet once again to solve all HTTPS problems and issues.
In we don’t only generate NFT collections, but we also provide an IPFS system to store your NFTs with metadata without using any other service.
After generating your collection, you can either upload NFTs images and metadata files to IPFS with a single click and get your CID (content ID) or download them as a zip file to your computer.


Generate smart contract

When you create and upload an NFT collection to IPFS, you get your CID which is used to define where your content (images, and metadata JSON files) are stored in the IPFS. generates your smart contract and all you have to do is copy the generated code and paste it to remix Ethereum to deploy your smart contract and mint NFT on polygon or Ethereum, just make sure that you mint your NFTs 100 by 100 for safe transactions


Sell on opensea

Once your smart contract is deployed and your NFTs are minted to the blockchain automatically Opensea lists your NFTs, then you can just connect your wallet to see your minted NFTs on your profile and sell them at the price that you want. v2.2.0 | For more info