How to Make Money With NFTs on Fiverr

how Fiverr sellers can take advantage of the hype to make money with NFTs, both as Fiverr sellers and as entrepreneurs selling their own on marketplaces like OpenSea or SuperRare. I think there's a great opportunity to cash in on the hype. So if You

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NFTs or non-fungible tokens have become a pretty big deal lately, with certain NFTs being sold for multi-million dollar prices. In this blog, I'm going to talk about how to make money with NFTs on Fiverr. To share some of my ideas of how Fiverr sellers can take advantage of the hype to make money with NFTs, both as Fiverr sellers and as entrepreneurs selling their own on marketplaces like OpenSea or SuperRare. I think there's a great opportunity to cash in on the hype. So if You're Trying to find ways to make money with NFTs, Read this till the end, we hope it helps!

What is an NFT

A non-fungible token (NFT)* is a unique and non-interchangeable digital asset. It can represent both physical and digital items such as music, game skins, art pieces, NBA highlights, and much more. NFTs use blockchain technology to establish a verified and public proof of ownership. It’s important to remember that NFTs are not considered cryptocurrencies despite being a unit of data stored on a blockchain network, such as the Ethereum network. 

What are some NFT services you can sell on Fiverr?

NFT design services:

On Fiverr and other services marketplaces, you can create any of your artworks and present them for sale, but this can’t be as profitable as creating a custom NFT art collection for your clients on photoshop or illustrator. 

You can propose a variety of NFT design services for sale: Design cartoon NFTs, design Pixel art NFTs, design 3D art NFTs… and you can set any prices for your gigs, all you need is to write a good and SEO-optimized gig with the right keywords and set adapted pricing for every package of your gig. 

How does the process work?

Generated NFT collections are made by combining the layers (also called traits or attributes) in order to create different combinations of the same character.

Usually, as a designer, you’ll create the traits which are divided into Base (with different colors or patterns), Eyes/Glasses, Headwear, Mouth, Clothes, and Background, but they often change based on the customers' requests!

The number of traits included in each order varies, and since all the collections are very different, you can create a custom offer specifically for your client’s order, based on the kind of collection he’s looking for :).

NFT development Services

On you can sell your development experience to develop anything in relation to the NFTs industry. You can develop a minting page or a website for a collection owner and make money with that.

All you need is to post your gig about the minting page development and try to use specific keywords so you get to your audience on Fiverr.

NFT Marketing Services

After creating design and generating their NFTs your customer need to promote their NFTs collection to sell them. Here is your turn, you can help them to promote their NFT project and create the best marketing strategy for their collection.

You can either plan a marketing strategy or choose a specific platform and market their collection through it: Instagram, TikTok, or emailing…

How to make money using Genfty Ft Fiverr with no skills or experience

As already mentioned in this post you can easily propose your offers of NFTs services on Fiverr and make money of them but you’ll need to have some experience and skills: in design, development, or marketing.

In this part of the article, we will see how to make more money using Fiverr, and with no experience or skills required all you need is to follow these steps and start the work.

1. Post your gig on Fiverr

Your gig should be keyword optimized and should mention that you’ll generate an NFTs collection with all needed files: metadata Json and PNG images with rarity.

All you have to explain to your customer that he will need to send you layers in PNG format, grouped in folders, preferably with defined rarities: 

  • Arrange the image traits in folders by "trait type" (or layer): body, background, glasses, clothes
  • Number folders in order of layers (i.e. "1-body", "2-eyes", "3-glasses”, “4-clothes”)
  • Specify any rarities wanted for traits, by percent;
  • Send how many images wanted in the collection.

You should mention in your gig all information about how long it will take to have the generated NFTs collection with metadata and rarities, and what the customer will receive at the end of the service

2. Generate the collection using

Now you are ready to generate your NFTs collection from the single images you just created. While this part is definitely the easiest one.

  • Go to
  • Upload your PSD file or Add a new group for each of your layers group then upload your traits successively respecting the order of your layers: Background, Base layer, eyes, mouth, nose, and ears.
  • Set dimensions for your NFTs. 
  • Rename your layers and traits to be generated correctly in metadata.
  • Enable rarity for each layer: (make sure the total of rarities in each group is equal to 100% )
  • Generate NFT Collection demo.
  • Before generating your NFTs you can back up your project to save all layers with their names and rarity percentages.
  • Click on Generate to start generating your NFTs collection.

You can stop at this stage and download your NFTs collection and send it to your costumer in a zip file with 2 folders one for PNG images of his NFTs and the other for Json files with all metadata and rarities generated. 

But you can also add in your gig an option of downloading the NFTs to IPFS and generating a smart contract for the collection.

3. Upload your NFT collection To the IPFS  

Upload to the IPFS: you’ll need to upload your images (NFTs) and metadata to the IPFS to simplify The mint of your collection. Before uploading to the IPFS make sure to edit your collection’s information: 

  • name: it referred to the asset name, it’s shown in the grid and single NFT view
  • Description: you should add a description of your collection and what it’s about.
  • symbol: Symbol of the Asset, example: WoW is the symbol of the world of women  
  • creators: Public key of each creator. Shown in the single NFT view, resolved to Twitter handles if they are connected via Solana name service.
  • Seller fee basis points: Royalties percentage awarded to creators. Shown as a percentage received by each co-creator.
  • Upload To IPFS - NFT Generator
  • After Uploading to the IPFS you’ll have your CID ( content ID of your NFTs) and the preview link of your images and metadata.
  • All data uploaded to IPFS is available to anyone who requests it using the correct CID. Do not store any private or sensitive information in an unencrypted form using IPFS.

4. Generate Smart contract

You don’t have to write your smart contract, with Genfty you can Generate a smart contract with no code or programming skills, it’s easy, After uploading your NFTs collection to the IPFS click on the Generate smart contract button: this is the most “professional” option and gives you great control while saving you a lot of time. 

What’s next? Mint your NFTs

After completing all the Big steps of generating your NFTs and preparing your smart contract, now you can deploy the smart contract to start minting your NFTs on the marketplace.

All you’ll need in this step is to add and complete some information about your collection and your minting.

  • Step 1: complete information about your NFTs collection:

Collection name and symbol: add the name you’ve chosen to your NFTs collection and the symbol.

  • Minting cost: The cost of minting a new token: The owner and whitelisted addresses will not be charged.
  • Max supply: The maximum number of tokens that can be minted. it’s generally the same as the number of NFTs in your collection.
  • Max Mint Amount: The maximum amount of tokens that can be minted at once. 
  • Step 2: Connect your wallet

If you already have a crypto wallet, Connect your wallet to Genfty to be able to deploy the smart contract or use remix Ethereum IDE to deploy the contract.

If you don’t have a crypto wallet you can create one using metamask.

You'll need to install the wallet extension to be able to deploy the smart contract, Download Metamask, or download the contract source code and use it to deploy the contract on remix Ethereum IDE.

  • Step 3: Deploy smart contract

You can deploy the smart contract by clicking on the "Deploy Contract" button, you'll need to pay for the gas cost of the transaction but you can deploy the contract without paying real coins by using testnet network instead of mainnet.

  • Step 4: Verify and publish the contract

Source code verification provides transparency for users interacting with smart contracts. You can verify & the contract based on the network you are using.


Every step of the above from generating to deploying a smart contract and verifying it on any network you use is a separate service and you can present it as a unique Gig on your Fiverr account and make more money through them. gives you an all-in-one tool to generate NFTs, upload them to IPFS and create a smart contract in small steps and with no skills or experience, so make sure to exploit and capitalize every service to make more money on Fiverr.


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