How to generate your own 10000 NFTs collection for free

You've certainly heard about NFTs and you want to know more about them and to Generate your own 10,000 NFTs collection, this post is for you...

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You've certainly heard about the recent NFT (non-fungible token) hype. Celebrities, digital artists, and creatives are all gearing up to put their artwork on the blockchain.

From domains to paintings, songs, and even collectible NBA trading cards, the possibilities are various when minting NFTs. It's a great way of proving authenticity and ownership of creative works.

Cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, security tokens, privacy tokens… digital assets, and their classifications are multiplying and evolving right alongside cryptographic and blockchain technology.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the crypto industry. In this guide, we explore what they are, how they work, and how they're being used.

What are NFTs: Non-fungible tokens?


NFT is a unique digitized certificate (referred to as a token) that is a digital unit of data stored on a blockchain. It can be a representation of something (a work of art, a photograph, a piece of music, a game or a collectible), or it can be an original creation that exists only in digital form. NFTs are typically purchased and sold using the type of cryptocurrency or digital token (collectively referred to as tokens) used or accepted on that particular blockchain. Initially, NFTs were almost exclusively created on the ethereum blockchain and purchased with ether tokens (ETH). (Ether is the native token of the ethereum blockchain, which has functionality for smart contracts. 

What can be an NFT?


Any kind of easily reproduced digital file can be stored as an NFT to identify the original copy, like photography, art, music, videos, tweets, and even memes. You can make NFTs from almost anything unique that can be stored digitally and holds value.

  • Arts: any kind of art or photography can be stored and sold as NFTs.

  • Domains: Domains are also considered NFTs since they’re unique and a domain name can’t be reproduced.

  • Music: some artists and singers are minting their songs and pieces of music as NFTs for sale.

There are a lot of kinds of files or things that can be minted as NFTs, we mentioned the most popular ones.


How are NFT collections made?

You can generate and make NFTs collection by yourself, but you need some required skills to do it, There is also an easy way to generate your own NFTs collection with no code and without any programming skills:
You can generate your 10000 NFTs collection in seconds and choose a rarity level for your collection for free.
NFT profile collections are made by stacking layers of traits on top of each other. Each layer (base, clothes, mouth, accessory…) is a png of the same size as every other trait. By layering these traits over one another, we end up with an NFT profile.
These trait images need to be designed so that they fit perfectly with other traits when stacked. Each layer typically has multiple traits. The generation process works by selecting a random trait from each layer and stacking them into one single NFT profile for your collection.



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