Best NFT Generator Free Online

With The Best Free NFT Art Generator Online You Don't Need Any Software, Coding Skills or Github Repos, All Will Done With Only Clicks.

- NFTs - Best NFT Generator Free Online How to Make NFT Collection the most popular Free NFT Generator.

If you're looking for a free online NFT Art Generator you're in the right place,  With Genfty you can generate 10K NFTs Collection For Free without watermarks or extra fees.

Best NFT Generator Free Online

Most of tutorials on YouTube and article over the internet teach you how to Generate NFT collection by installing a lot of dependencies like NodeJs, Visual Studio Code, Git to clone repository from github and change the code, the problem here is only developers know how to play with code, so you should be developer or follow the video and do the same, absolutly you'll not get the result you expected, that's why comes to solve that problem.
Don't worry you don't have to install nothing because everything is done online, All you need to do is to upload your layers and click generate button.
With metadata option you can set a name of each layer like ( Eyes : blue ) and with rarity option you can set the rarity of each layer of your NFTs collection.

Genfty also allows you to choose between downloading zip file of your generated collection or direct upload to IPFS with a single click, you can learn more about IPFS and how it works.

Best NFT Generator Free Online

Alright now your collection is generated and uploaded to IPFS, it's time to generate a Smart Contract for our collection but if you don't know what is a Smart Contract and how it works you can check this article.

Genfty is not only NFT Generator it's also generate Smart Contract code based on your collection, but first you have to upload your collection to IPFS to see the code.

All we need to generate a Smart Contract is a wallet, and you can use testnets Polygon for test purpose, check How to add Polygon testnets network to MetaMask wallet.
Best NFT Generator Free Online

So you should have a MetaMask wallet with testnets network and an account on
Best NFT Generator Free Online

The last step is to deploy your Smart Contract with and see you collection on your opensea testnets account.

if everything is good you can do the same with your main network.

if you missed something just watch this YouTube Video

Features of

  • No code needed
    • With, generate your 10 000 NFTs collection and import them to IPFS with the metadata files, without any line of code, all you need is creative layers.
  • Easy and Fast to use
    • You don’t need to code anymore, it’s simple, import your layers click generate and your NFTs collection is ready to be uploaded to IPFS in seconds.
  • Download zip / Upload to IPFS
    • You can Download your NFTs collection in a zip file with all the metadata JSON files, or automatically upload them to IPFS.
  • Metadata
    • Generate Your NFTs collection with metadata compatible with etherium blockchain and uploadable to the IPFS, you can also download your NFT collection with metadata JSON files.
  • Automatic saving
    • Your project is automatically saved on your browser, so you can stop and come back and all your files and configs will be accessed any time
  • No Account Needed
    • Start creating your own unique collection and download your NFTs without creating an account.
  • Rarity
    • The rarity allows you to set how match each layers with be repeated in your collection, so you can set the rarity of your layer to make it rare or super rare.

Free To Use

Genefty is free for everyone, but if you want to help Genfty team to continue developing the Free NFT generator, you can support by donating using platform


Generating NFT arts was never that easy and fast, we believe that NFT arts are the future and our mission in is to simplify the NFT generating and make it easy for anyone regardless of the skill level - even the normal persons with no code skills or knowledge


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